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And even more important perhaps, the “developer APIs” they’re hinting at. There seems to be a lot of talk about this being the next ‘Google-killer’, but that really doesn’t seem to be the point of this service. My personal interpretation of the new Wolfram|Alpha service – this is the Mathematica guys showing off, and I […]

One of the truly stellar features in Mac OS X Leopard is the ‘sync’ of information between computers. I use multiple computers in different locations and having the ability to access a common Address Book, iCal, etc is invaluable. In particular, when I bought a new Macbook Pro not so long ago, the sync allowed […]

31 Mar, 2009

WordPress app for the iPhone comes through!

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I blogged awhile back about the WordPress iPhone app, and how the tiny portrait keyboard was just killing me. Well they’ve gone ahead and added a landscape mode and it is just GREAT! I look forward to drafting posts on it when the inspiration strikes. A couple of minor hiccups, however. Upgrading the previous install […]

28 Mar, 2009

BioLinux – Ubuntu with a focus

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I work for a company that develops bioinformatics solutions, so when I came across BioLinux I just had to check it out. An Ubuntu 8.0.4 distro loaded with more than 500 tools for analysis, including sample data and comprehensive documentation to get you started. There was an available virtual machine image at the bagvapp virtual […]

07 Mar, 2009

An app for everything

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So thanks to the free WordPress app, I can even blog from my iPhone. Now, if only it had a landscape mode keyboard so my fat little fingers stood a chance. Whoops, spoke too soon – looks like they’re testing the new version, complete with landscape mode, as we speak. I look forward to seeing […]