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26 Feb, 2012

Hooking into the Jenkins(Hudson) API, Part 2

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

It’s been almost a year, but I finally had some time to revisit some code I wrote for interacting with the Jenkins api. I’ve used parts of this work to help manage a number of Jenkins build servers, mostly in terms of keeping plugins in sync and moving jobs from one machine to another. For […]

27 Mar, 2011

Hooking into the Jenkins(Hudson) API

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

Which one – Hudson or Jenkins? Both. I started working on this little project a couple of months back using Hudson v1.395 and returned to it after the great divide happened. I took it as an opportunity to see whether there would be any significant problems should I choose to move permanently to Jenkins in […]

04 Oct, 2009

Groovy CliBuilder with multiple arguments

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

I’ve been writing a lot of Groovy scripts lately and have developed quite a fondness for the CliBuilder along the way. There’s lots of great examples on the internet, but I could only find one place that demonstrated how to easily consume an unknown number of parameters as a List and that was a copy […]