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18 Mar, 2012

JFreeChart with Groovy and Apache POI

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The point of this article is to show you how to parse data from an Excel spreadsheet that looks like this: [singlepic id=78 w=700 h=400 mode=watermark] and turn it into a series of graphs that look like this: [singlepic id=79 w=700 h=400 mode=watermark] Recently I was looking for an opportunity to get some practice with […]

25 Oct, 2009

Grails-UI DataTable using XML for a model

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

I had a great chance to play with some new stuff this weekend, namely Grails 1.2-M3, the new Grails REST plugin and Groovy in general. Awhile back I wrote some Groovy code to explore the various Jira, Fisheye and Crucible REST api’s using Apache HttpClient directly, and I wanted to see what it would like […]

04 Oct, 2009

Groovy CliBuilder with multiple arguments

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I’ve been writing a lot of Groovy scripts lately and have developed quite a fondness for the CliBuilder along the way. There’s lots of great examples on the internet, but I could only find one place that demonstrated how to easily consume an unknown number of parameters as a List and that was a copy […]

16 Jul, 2009

Going old school – Apache Camel mailing lists ftw!

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I’ve been learning a lot about Apache Camel at work recently and am so very glad that I signed up for the mailing list a couple of weeks back. Was scratching my head recently about why my headers were mysteriously disappearing from some messages and fortunately I read the mailing list before deep diving into […]