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11 Feb, 2010

A One Day Griffon Application/Presentation

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I took the opportunity this past weekend to test drive the latest beta version of Griffon and along with it the as-of-yet unreleased slideware plugin. If you’re not already aware, Griffon is a Grails inspired framework for creating Java Swing applications. The project lead, Andres Almiray, has given several presentations using this plugin and it […]

27 Aug, 2009

VIJUG Griffon/Groovy Presentation

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I had a great time tonite geeking out with Griffon in front of an audience. My thanks to everyone that attended, and especially to Manfred Moser and VIJUG for the chance to show off some Groovy and Griffon Swing code! The venue was great – very nice that the Vancouver Island Tech Park is kind […]

19 Apr, 2009

Groovy and Glazed Lists with Grape

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So today while I was cleaning out the garage, I finally got a chance to the listen to the Java Posse podcast on Google Collections and GlazedLists. Google Collections has come in handy a few times, the MultiMap extension most notably. It solves essentially the same kind of problem that I described way back in […]

10 Apr, 2009

More Groovy/Griffon/FEST Testing

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In my continuing exploration of FEST testing using Groovy and the Griffon framework, I’ve added some tests for the ability to change the JXBusyLabel coloration on the fly. Since FEST allows you to alter the properties of the widgets directly, I didn’t have to do anything special to trigger actions on the JXColorSelectionButton. At first […]

08 Apr, 2009

Griffon SwingX Fest testing

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This is the third installment of my Griffon SwingSet experiment. If you’re coming late to the party (and would like to know just what the heck I’m talking about) you can catch up by reading this and this. So the SwingX demo has 3 sliders that affect integer values on the JXBusyLabel. Using the Groovy […]

03 Apr, 2009

SwingSet on Griffon

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

So as  as learning experience, I’ve decided to try cutting the  SwingSet demo application over to Groovy and Griffon. To make it a little more interesting, I’m going to base it off of the SwingX version. The SwingX widgets have been a pleasure to work with in the past, and with the swingX plugin, it […]