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Recently the company I work for has decided to make the move from an internally hosted Microsoft Exchange solution to a Google Apps hosted answer, and I couldn’t be happier. On a Mac, the Entourage client wasn’t entirely bad. But it did hog memory, disk space and processor and require at least one hard quit […]

And even more important perhaps, the “developer APIs” they’re hinting at. There seems to be a lot of talk about this being the next ‘Google-killer’, but that really doesn’t seem to be the point of this service. My personal interpretation of the new Wolfram|Alpha service – this is the Mathematica guys showing off, and I […]

Over the last year I’ve done a lot of work with JBoss Seam, and while it’s not Grails it’s also not that bad for a web framework. Facelets is the view technology of choice, and it’s certainly better than many alternatives, but at the heart it is still xml and all those brackets make me […]

10 May, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

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Having fun tonite killing some bugz in code. Almost forgot how empowering it can feel to kill a bunch of ’em in a row 🙂 # I may have reached the pinnacle of geekiness. Have finally exhausted the supply of USB ports. # Just got home and got mobbed by the dogs. Oh well, at […]

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One of the truly stellar features in Mac OS X Leopard is the ‘sync’ of information between computers. I use multiple computers in different locations and having the ability to access a common Address Book, iCal, etc is invaluable. In particular, when I bought a new Macbook Pro not so long ago, the sync allowed […]

03 May, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

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@ajordens I’m rooting for you man! in reply to ajordens # @ajordens sorry to be bearer of bad news but nightly build hung completely. Enjoy the game, i’ll be on chat while i look into what’s up. in reply to ajordens # @dillyh tnx for starting your day so early. Mucho appreciato. in reply to […]

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