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23 Aug, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-24

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  • @scottdavis99 LOL. Nice try on the joke anyhow. we'll just have to watch the Venkat interview instead 🙂 in reply to scottdavis99 #
  • Nice productive day at work today, despite network problems. Now, what to have for dinner. Mmmm, lamb steaks ftw. #
  • RT @asmartbear Survivor Bias (via @kerrywright) Great article! #
  • kellyrob99 #
  • Today is the day I truly came to hate Java Date #
  • @tylerblack Oil. Stone. Grind. who needs to pay a knife sharpener? If you need to borrow a sharpener we can talk 🙂 in reply to tylerblack #
  • Check out this SlideShare Presentation : Craig Smith & Paul King Agile Tool Hacking T… #
  • Nice presentation #dillyh Glad you're on our side 🙂 #
  • RT @jstrachan: # me.partner match { case w: Woman => Some(Cry()) case no => None } #
  • Coding up a Griffon app in the car. First trip with iPhone tethering enabled and it's working GREAT! #
  • RT @glaforge: Shared article: Gradle support #
  • RT @Rod_Phillips #yyj first 50 replies to #yyjwhiskypimp will get Carlsberg 12 bottles for $12- please RT:) (via @abstratt) #
  • @Rod_Phillips Tnx, never fear I'll being having a Blue Buck while I'm waiting 🙂 in reply to Rod_Phillips #
  • Going to a wedding this afternoon, packing up to go back home tonite. Remind me again – is driving after an open bar illegal in Alberta? 😉 #

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