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27 Jan, 2010

Thanks for the shirt Atlassian!

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So my t-shirt arrived today in the mail compliments of Atlassian. Bright green and well earned when I slayed the dragon, I’ll wear it with pride.  So far I’ve been getting the most mileage out of Bamboo and Jira, but I’ve also been tweaking Confluence to make it just right. Following right along with Atlassian’s lead, both TaskDock and Gliffy are offering $10 donation licenses for less than ten user systems, so I’ve pretty much got to at least try them out right?

Actually I’ve used Gliffy in Confluence before, and it’s come in handy more than once or twice. But between Balsamiq and OmniGraffle I’m already well equipped to cover up the fact that my artistic abilities lie somewhere below drawing stick men. TaskDock has however been installed and set up to nag me via email when I am getting behind schedule. Next will be Customware’s scaffolding and reporting plugins. The scaffolding capabilities make dealing with tables in Confluence a breeze – almost(but not quite) enough to make me abandon the wiki editor completely. Why take my word for it when you can just watch the video?

Anyhow, so far I’m very happy with the software and how it’s already helped me organize projects at home better. The t-shirt is just a nice bonus.

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