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27 Aug, 2009

VIJUG Griffon/Groovy Presentation

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I had a great time tonite geeking out with Griffon in front of an audience. My thanks to everyone that attended, and especially to Manfred Moser and VIJUG for the chance to show off some Groovy and Griffon Swing code! The venue was great – very nice that the Vancouver Island Tech Park is kind […]

01 Apr, 2009

The first two chapters of Griffon In Action

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

Documentation up until now has been sparse to be sure, but judging by the first two chapters of the MEAP for Griffon in Action, this book is going to be worth every penny. I’ve experimented a bit with Griffon a bit lately, but still being somewhat of a Groovy noob, I don’t think that the […]