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21 Mar, 2010

30 Days with a Roomba

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Recently I got suckered into buying a Roomba at a local store. It was the very basest model on special at $96CD and I gave in to the indulgence to see how it might fare in my home. Fair Disclosure We live with 3 pets. Two dogs and one cat. The dogs are black and […]

That’s a whole lot of Gr8ness in the title, don’t you think? Ok, ok – I apologize for the pun. I whipped these up using the open source Gource visualization software and with HD content free on Youtube now, I just had to try that out too. Gource Gource is a software version control visualization […]

I read an interesting article recently about using python and open source software to defeat a particular captcha implementation and I set out to see how hard it would be to do the same in Groovy. In particular, coming from the Java side of the fence, I was impressed by how the available libraries in […]