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27 Aug, 2009

VIJUG Griffon/Groovy Presentation

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I had a great time tonite geeking out with Griffon in front of an audience. My thanks to everyone that attended, and especially to Manfred Moser and VIJUG for the chance to show off some Groovy and Griffon Swing code!

The venue was great – very nice that the Vancouver Island Tech Park is kind enough to host meetings. Next time I’ll have to come early enough to figure out how to make the projector do better than 800X600 resolution, however. Hard to show much other than a slide deck presentation with that little space. Then again I may be a little spoiled when my usual is 1920X1200.

I love using Keynote for presentations with the Apple infrared remote. Between the presenter view with notes to guide what I wanted to say(and to remind me when to step out and demo some code) and the timer to keep me on track, it went really pretty smooth. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. The software, both Griffon and Keynote, worked flawlessly so if things weren’t perfect, there’s only me to blame.

SwingPad seemed to make quite an impression, which is not hard to understand considering how little effort it takes to start showing results on the screen. Put that together with the recent CSSBuilder integration and the rich samples for other builders and I think more than a couple of Java developers will be installing it soon.

The question came up enough that I want to directly reference this blog post from Andres Almiray regarding GSQL in Griffon. Apparently people like to have databases handy at all times


And a big thanks to Andres for sharing two free copies of the upcoming Griffon In Action that he is co-authoring for raffle prizes tonite. Through the magic of Twitter he was very supportive about 20 seconds after the original announcement went out. Now if only they can kill all those nasty spam-bots, etc that are messing with my Twittiness!

I’ve uploaded the demonstration application at github. It shows a simple Griffon app with three tabs. The first is a minor port of Andres’ Trident/GfxBuilder example to show animation. The second is a simple demo of the @Bindable AST transformation along with the SwingBuilder syntax for accesing SwingUtilities; it comes along with an accompanying Fest test. The third requires an internet connection as it parses out the DZone rss feed and delivers it into a GlazedList, demonstrating usage of SwingWorker courtesy of the SwingXBuilder. I showed those samples along with installer plugin built versions of some of the included Griffon sample applications. WeatherWidget is a one fine looking translucent UI example!

Please ping me if you have any problems running this Griffon app, as I did trim out a bunch of the extraneous project files and test reports right before uploading. This was my first time ‘really’ using Git for source control so it’s bound to be a bit messy – nevertheless the Git experience has been great so far. I also tried to get the slides up on SlideShare, but that appears to… not be happening(been uploading now for over 20 minutes this time- about to kill it, again). So here’s the pdf.
Source code download here.

Slidedeck download here.

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