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16 Jul, 2009

Going old school – Apache Camel mailing lists ftw!

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I’ve been learning a lot about Apache Camel at work recently and am so very glad that I signed up for the mailing list a couple of weeks back.

Was scratching my head recently about why my headers were mysteriously disappearing from some messages and fortunately I read the mailing list before deep diving into the Camel source to find the problem. Somebody else came across this exact problem and pointed it out on the mailing list. In a beautiful display of same day service, a response was posted back to the forum by one of the developers. He filed a bug report and committed a fix within hours. Nice job Willen Jiang!

This is a great example of open source collaboration, as far as I’m concerned – and it saved me a lot of debugging thank-you-very-much!  This kind of care and attention in the community surrounding Camel makes me feel a lot more comfortable about leveraging it to solve some tricky integration problems at work. And the mailing list has been a wealth of knowledge in many other ways as well, guiding me to a lot of resources that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

If you’re a developer using Camel I highly recommend signing up for the mailing list.

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