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20 Sep, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-21

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  • If only it were every morning 🙂 RT @jstrachan: I love the smell of a brand new MacBook Pro in the morning… #
  • @mosabua @ajordens Burndown charts are where it's at man. Without Burnination there can be no progress 🙂 #
  • Spread the word to vote for #maven in #ubuntu to be updated to the latest version as packaged in @debian. Please RT. #
  • @tylerblack Excellent choice! in reply to tylerblack #
  • @tylerblack Of a 100 balls crazily flying in the air, no one is capable of keeping them all afloat. And knowing you, it won't be repeated. in reply to tylerblack #
  • RT @scottdavis99:"Getting Started with Grails" (2nd ed) is at the typesetter.It covers Grails 1.2. Should be available in a couple of weeks. #
  • @dillyh how's the noggin man? Paying the price for the good tunes? #
  • Arrrrgh. Love Pirate day so much I subverted me blog maties! #

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