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14 Apr, 2009

Groovy and Bash – can scripting get much easier?

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

The ability to execute pretty much any bash statement embedded in a Groovy script is great, don’t get me wrong, but with the advent of Grape – and provided that you’re an Ivy/Maven user – adding the abilities of just about any Java library to your scripting language is easy. So what does Groovy add […]

03 Apr, 2009

Griffon bash completion…

Posted by: TheKaptain In: Development

… means I don’t have to remember all of the available Griffon commands. My primary development platform is a Mac, so I used MacPorts to install the bash-completion package long ago. This script is based entirely on the excellent maven completion script documented here on willcodeforbeer. It does the same job for Griffon and includes […]