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31 Mar, 2009

WordPress app for the iPhone comes through!

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I blogged awhile back about the WordPress iPhone app, and how the tiny portrait keyboard was just killing me. Well they’ve gone ahead and added a landscape mode and it is just GREAT! I look forward to drafting posts on it when the inspiration strikes.
A couple of minor hiccups, however.

Upgrading the previous install caused the app to crash every time after a second or two. A quick reinstall fixed the problem, and really it is a small price to pay for free software.

There also appears to be an issue or two with a disappearing save button. And the first time I entered this post, it apparently got lost in translation becuase although the new post showed up in WordPress, the title was the only thing populated.  Oh, well – the button problem is already in bug tracking and if I REALLY wanted, I could just fix it myself since it’s open source and available for download. Aaaah, if only I had the time to learn how to be an iPhone developer right now – maybe next month.

In the meantime I’m just going to say a bit thank you to the developers of the application and use it as much as possible. Don’t worry guys – I promise to file bug reports

In other news, I’m looking forward to the new Griffon In Action book coming out – but that’s another blog post.

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