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16 Feb, 2009

My employer values its workers

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I was reading this blog post today and it occurred to me – my present employer has done all of this, and more, for its developers.

1. For my daily work I use a Macbook Pro with 3GB of memory and a 7200 rpm drive. It was the absolute top of the line when it was purchased two years ago.

2. On my desk there’s a second flat screen LCD on a swivel arm and a laptop stand to promote good workplace ergonomics.

3. My employer brought in a room designer and consulted the company regarding the cubicle setup, including the wall height.

4. Whiteboards are available in each cubicle and in each meeting room.

5. Everyone can and does listen to music and most of us make our iTunes libraries available for sharing over the network, ensuring an ample supply of tunes.

6. This is truly funny, because we have THIS EXACT PHONE!

7. Wifi everywhere, and VPN access to work from outside the office to boot.

8. I cannot actually think of the last time I needed a stapler, but I’m sure I could have one if I asked.

I knew I worked for a great company, but this just serves to reaffirm that I must be working in the right place. Thanks for the article Dave. You made my day!



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